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Under Fire: Battlefield Guide Map for the Charge of the First Maine Heavy Artillery

The First Maine Heavy Artillery famously participated in the last desperate attempt in June 1864 to simply seize Petersburg by direct assault. Many incorrectly assume the battle was the first for these callups from the Washington defenses, though a Sesquicentennial … Continue reading

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Far Beyond the Sounds of Battle – Seattle, 1864

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Richard Heisler… In 1863, a person living in the fledgling northwest village of Seattle, Washington Territory, was about as removed from the ongoing Civil War as one could be as an American. Just 12 … Continue reading

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A First Maine Artilleryman

Emerging Civil War welcomes Doug Ullman, Jr. James S. Emerson could not have been pleased with how his army career had ended in 1862.  Standing at five feet, six inches, he had been one of the early volunteers, enlisting in … Continue reading

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“Because You Was Always True To Me”: A Union Soldier & His Sweetheart

Dear Friend… I should like to sean [have seen] you before I enlisted, but I thought that you had something against me. But if I have said anything against you, I hope you will forgive me, for I thought that … Continue reading

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The Siege of Petersburg: The 1st Maine Heavies

During the Spotsylvania sesquicentennial, I called particular attention to the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, which saw its first major combat of the war at the battle of Harris Farm on May 19. Members of the unit called Harris Farm their … Continue reading

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“Death of a Bangor Boy”—The Casualties of Harris Farm

The May 30, 1864, edition of the Bangor (ME) Whig & Courier included a notice titled “Death of a Bangor Boy”—a sixty-four-word obituary for Corporal Charles W. Smith of the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Company D, who “died of a … Continue reading

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“We lost some noble men”: The 1st Maine Heavies at Harris Farm

May 19, 1864, was “a day long to be remembered by the 1st Maine Heavy,” wrote a member of the regiment, “as it was on this day that we received our baptism of fire and learned the stern duties of … Continue reading

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