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Maine at War: November 2020

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in November at his blog, Maine at War: November 4, 2020: Antietam burial map, part 3: A Maine name stands out Among the 50 Union graves identified on the recently discovered Antietam … Continue reading

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Recent Book Begins to Trace the Path of Maine at War

by ECW Correspondent Meghan Hall Over the course of several years, Brian Swartz’s research led him to realize that his home state of Maine had been underappreciated in larger narratives about the Civil War, despite the wealth of meticulous records … Continue reading

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“Good bye from your soger boy”: One Last Letter before the Wilderness

Sometimes he signed his letters “with affection” or “good-night” or “good-bye.” Sometimes he wrote his full name, other times just initials, sometimes with the familiar name to his family and friends: “Will.” Most of his correspondence went to his younger … Continue reading

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“Something Abides”: Joshua L. Chamberlain and Civil War Memory

As it was for millions of his generation, the Civil War was the defining event of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s life.  Veterans from both sides took understandable pride in their service, wrote their memoirs, and joined veterans’ organizations.  In all of … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’: A Soldier’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving didn’t actually become an official American holiday until 1863. That doesn’t mean that Civil War Era soldiers and civilians were unfamiliar with giving thanks prior to Lincoln’s proclamation. Did Civil War soldiers celebrate Thanksgiving in the way we think of … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: Vincent’s Rock

Part of a series. Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren had been busy all of July 2nd. The early morning found him on the Federal right flank scouting the terrain for possible attack avenues in the Culp’s Hill sector. With the … Continue reading

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Fanny Chamberlain: Heroine In A General’s Love Story (Part 1)

The old man leaned on his cane, ignoring the aching war wound from decades before. It was such a beautiful day, and the walk had been pleasant, except for the last hundred yards. Maybe it’s just something about coming home … Continue reading

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A Daring Dash in the Wilderness

One of my favorite stories from the battle of the Wilderness is a small tale of daring-do passed along by Theodore Gerrish of the 20th Maine. The event took place on the afternoon of May 5, 1864. After his brigade’s … Continue reading

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