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Antietam’s Lower Field Revisited Part I: The Neglected Southern Portion of Antietam

As a major battle of the war, Antietam is one of the most studied, discussed, and debated engagements of the conflict. Attention is usually focused on the northern areas of the battlefield, where fighting began and the most casualties occurred. … Continue reading

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New Preservation Easement Near Antietam National Battlefield

Earlier in May, Maryland’s Washington County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an easement to preserve more than 60 acres near Antietam National Battlefield. The 61.31 acres is located off Rohrersville and Locust Grove roads. The Rural Legacy Program allowed for … Continue reading

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ECW Says “Action” at Antietam

Kevin Pawlak and Dan Welch had the movie cameras rolling at Antietam battlefield. (Okay, they used their cellphones…but it sounds cooler the other way and we have been talking about Civil War movies…)

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Jim Lehrer’s Certain Rest

When my twelve-year-old daughter asked Jim Lehrer to sign a copy of his novel No Certain Rest for her, he cast a quick glance at me, then offered her kind smile. “Did you really read it?” he asked. I suspected … Continue reading

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ECW Pop-Up Tour: Hartsuff’s Brigade at Antietam

Get ready! Sunday, July 22, 2018, is the date for an ECW Pop-Up Tour at Antietam. Register and grab some water and walking shoes and come join Kevin Pawlak and Dan Welch for a special tour. What: A caravan tour … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: McKinley’s Monument

We invite you to explore an article from the Emerging Civil War Archives. Chris Kolakowski shared his thoughts about the McKinley Monument at Antietam National Battlefield in 2014. McKinley’s Monument  

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Antietam’s New Jersey Monument

Of the cluster of monuments dotting the southwest corner of Antietam’s bloody Cornfield, one seems to stand out among the rest. Its height is certainly not unique, nor is the fact that a bronze soldier adorns it (one can find … Continue reading

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September 16, 1862: The Night Of No Return

Civil War soldiers vividly remembered, and recalled, certain days of their military careers, both the highs and lows, the good ones and the bad ones. For those soldier participants in the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, the September 17, … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: Antietam’s Rising Sun

I stood amidst a swarm of people, all gathering in the still darkness, some talking softly to one another, others quietly contemplating the gravity of the moment.  Out in front of us, soldiers spoke in hushed tones.  How far off … Continue reading

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Saving Antietam (part II): Dan Vermilya

Earlier today, historian Daniel J. Vermilya offered some of his thoughts about the preservation work the Civil War Trust has done at Antietam. This afternoon, he focuses a little more specifically on the Trust’s latest efforts:  “While the Cornfield is … Continue reading

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