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Mexican-American War 170th: Leaving Puebla and on to Mexico City

After a 10-week hiatus in the city of Puebla, General Winfield Scott was ready to resume his advance against Mexico City. “We had to throw away the scabbard and to advance with the naked blade in hand,” the American commander … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: An Occupation, a Diplomat, and a Pause

Winfield Scott’s army had not been idle since its victory at the battle of Cerro Gordo. After defeating Santa Anna’s forces, Scott’s Americans continued pushing further into the Mexican countryside. While there were small skirmishes as irregular Mexican forces nipped … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: Battle of Cerro Gordo

Vera Cruz had fallen, and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had to act. Serving as both Mexico’s president and the commanding general of its armies, Santa Anna prepared to move against the American forces beginning to make their way inland. … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: The March on Monterrey

This past spring, Emerging Civil War started to cover the 170th Anniversaries of the Mexican-American War. But since the Battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma in May, the war hasn’t been mentioned. This was not an oversight, … Continue reading

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