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J. Johnston Pettigrew, Author

In the blockbuster movie Gettysburg, which hit the big screens in 1993, there is a moment in the film  of an exchange between Confederate Generals James Longstreet and J. Johnston Pettigrew on July 3rd. For those reading this that are aficionados … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: General Richard B. Garnett

Tuesday, May 12, 1863. The location: Richmond, Virginia. The bells tolled, the military bands played dirges, and uniforms and civilian attire displayed mourning badges. The casket of Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson was drawn through the streets to Capitol Square … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Lewis Addison Armistead and the Armistead Family Cemetery

This post rides off the research and coattails of Tom McMillan’s newest book, Armistead and Hancock: Behind the Gettysburg Legend of Two Friends at the Turning Point of the Civil War. Tom’s book, which I picked up in Gettysburg during … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Col. Hiram Brown of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

In 1853 Hiram L. Brown was a running a successful hotel in Erie, Pennsylvania and was Captain of the Wayne Guards militia. When war broke out, he joined the 90-day Erie Regiment as the Captain of Company B. The regiment … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Major Andrew Grover, 76th New York

Historians once focused mostly on “great men,” painstakingly analyzing the Army/Corps/Division/Brigade commanders whose decisions shaped historic events. More recently, pushback against that historiography has led to increased work on the “common soldier” and average enlisted men. Though both approaches certainly … Continue reading

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Hispanic Service in the Civil War

ECW welcomes guest author Carlos Mutis My membership with Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) has created opportunities for historical research and professional development. A recent opportunity has given me the focus of researching the role of Hispanics at the Battle … Continue reading

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Soldiers of Gettysburg: Christopher Swann, Powhatan Light Artillery

His name was Christopher Swann, and he was a private in the Powhatan Light Artillery. Wounded at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, Swann became a prisoner.

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ECW Weekender: Gettysburg Off The Beaten Path

Heading to Gettysburg this weekend or in the near future? We’ve pulled Kris White’s series Gettysburg Off The Path from the archives for the weekender feature. If you’re looking for some unique stories and places to explore at Gettysburg, this … Continue reading

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Soldiers of Gettysburg: Winfield Scott Munson, 44th New York

His name was Winfield Scott Munson. He battled in Company E of the 44th New York Infantry as a private.[i] By sunset on June 2, 1863, this twenty-year-old lay dead on or near Little Round Top.

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Soldiers of Gettysburg: Lawrence M. Whitney, 83rd New York

His name was Lawrence M. Whitney, and he had promoted to lieutenant in Company E in the 83rd New York Regiment. He was wounded during the Battle of Gettysburg.

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