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Alfred Waud’s Sketchy Spotsylvania (part one)

(part one in a series) In my capacity as historian-in-residence at Stevenson Ridge on the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield, I recently did some work to pin down the approximate location where IX Corps division commander Brig. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson … Continue reading

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Stumped at Spotsy?

What does this cement block have to do with the battle of the Mule Shoe at Spotsylvania Court House? Spotsy Stump marker

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Peace, Tranquility, Death, and Destruction

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author John Roos… Reflection is something we all do at some time or another. For many of us, we have that special spot where we can stop for a minute and reflect. We think … Continue reading

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Early Spring at Spotsy

It was an incredible 79 degrees in Spotsylvania this afternoon. To take advantage of the weather, I took a walk around the Bloody Angle at the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield. Aside from the unseasonably warm temps, I found this delightful … Continue reading

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Struck by a Fired Ramrod, Part 3: Who Shot Major Ellis?

This is part three of a three-part series. Part one. Part two. For decades after William Ellis’s death, his story concluded for all but his mother. Later that month, August 1864, the already widowed Catharine Ellis began the process of … Continue reading

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Struck by a Fired Ramrod, Part 1: Delayed Mortal Wounding at Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle

“This has been a Sabbath to me,” confessed Surgeon George T. Stevens to his wife, Harriet, in a letter written Thursday evening, August 4, 1864. “No day since the campaign commenced last May has seemed like Sabbath before, but this … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day at the Bloody Angle, 153 Years Later

I stood today at Spotsyvlania’s Bloody Angle, at the site of the 22-inch oak tree felled by small-arms fire. Rain fell, as it did on this date in 1864 during most of the battle. For twenty-two hours, the fight raged … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: A Few Favorite Photos

I’m fortunate that I get to take a lot of pictures. While I’m intense about my writing, I’m relaxed about my photography. I’m not fancy about. I also find it a wonderful excuse to challenge myself to see a battlefield … Continue reading

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ECW on C-SPAN: Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle

Next up from C-SPAN’s coverage of the Third Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevensonr Ridge: “Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle” by Chris Mackowski. The talk airs on C-SPAN3 at 6 p.m. Eastern on Saturday. Here’s a preview: https://www.c-span.org/video/?413642-3/battle-spotsylvania-court-house Kris White’s talk about Longstreet’s … Continue reading

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Scenes from Spotsy on May 12

Dawn came with a misty drizzle over Spotsylvania today. 152 years ago, day broke with similar weather, a “chill, misty, first early dawn.” The night’s rain had eased for a bit, and the fog had begun to dissipate. The rain … Continue reading

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