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Question of the Week: 7/25-7/31/22

Do you have a favorite cannon on a battlefield? (Could be a cannon and its location or the actual type/size of artillery piece)

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Artillery: Chickamauga – “The terrible roar of artillery . . .”

When one thinks of effective artillery use in a Civil War Battle, Chickamauga doesn’t leap immediately into the forefront. Certainly Gettysburg or Malvern Hill take those honors. Or Antietam, remembered by the Confederates as “Artillery Hell.” But not Chickamauga – … Continue reading

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Artillery: Alfred Mordecai, the Napoleon, and Changing Artillery

Many know Arthur Fremantle, the famed British observer sent to the United States to observe the respective armies in the Civil War. Fremantle was just one of many observers from Great Britain, Prussia, France, and even Hungary sent by their … Continue reading

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Artillery: An Introduction

Cannons sit as quiet markers on battlefields, often causing us to underestimate their force when the conflicts raged. Now, it’s time to refocus on their firepower and gain a better appreciation for the artillery during the Civil War. At Emerging … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: Battlefield Cannons

During my battlefield trips, I enjoying taking the “classic” cannon photos. Though serene battlefield markers today, these artillery pieces caused fearsome destruction during the Civil War.

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