Artillery: An Introduction

Cannons sit as quiet markers on battlefields, often causing us to underestimate their force when the conflicts raged. Now, it’s time to refocus on their firepower and gain a better appreciation for the artillery during the Civil War.

At Emerging Civil War, we cover many historic topics on the blog, but there’s one military, battlefield topic that hasn’t received much spotlight time. That’s artillery. When the editors noticed this trend, they voted to publish a special series devoted to the big guns.

Today, we’re very excited to launch our blog series Artillery: Battle’s Thunderous Roar. Our authors have put together some wonderful research on many different aspects of artillery during the Civil War. In the coming days and weeks, you’ll read about artillery commanders, tactics, battle locations, and more. You’ll see photographs of these heavy weapons and maybe even find a battlefield location or two to visit to better understand how artillery played such an important and devastating effect during the war.

We hope you’ll find this series informative and gain a better appreciation for the thunderous power, tactical precision, and hard work related to Civil War Artillery.

4 Responses to Artillery: An Introduction

  1. Thank you: I look forward to reading this series. Up to now my only resource in this field was the outstanding Craig Swain’s To the Sound of the Guns. Hearing of the oncoming new ECW series really made my day. Thanks!!!

  2. Well, it’s ABOUT TIME! 🙂 And to echo Mende’s comment, Craig’s site is invaluable. Also a go-to source for anyone interested in Civil War “Fortificationology”.

  3. Perfect to go along with my 2nd time through EPA’s ‘Recollections…’

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