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Centennial Shad Bake

Chris Mackowski’s recent post about George Pickett’s culinary legacy reminded me of seeing a few newspaper articles that featured cooking shad while researching the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the battle of Five Forks. None of those articles were … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: Chris Kolakowski

What is the future of Civil War history? On the surface, the question is amusingly phrased, asking for the future of something that has occurred in the past. But below the surface there is a serious matter for discussion.  The … Continue reading

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American Oracle and the dangers of political fanaticism

Reading David Blight’s American Oracle this weekend, I’ve noticed a subtle, cautionary note that keeps playing itself as an occasional undertone. It reminds me again why the study of history has something to tell us about current events—and also that no one … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Reenactments?

In reading Sacred Ground: Americans and Their Battlefields this week, I came across a passage where author Edward Tabor Linenthal referenced a speech made in 1962 by Civil War historian Bruce Catton. Speaking at Gettysburg College, Catton was previewing the … Continue reading

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