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The Civil War Bachelorette

Once upon a time on a dreary winter’s evening two historians who had been eating too many chocolate chip cookies stumbled across an idea. Whether the following events actually happened or were merely the figment of overactive imaginations, we leave … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Humor in Civil War Primary Sources

Someone challenged me to read The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker, and it’s been one of my recent “non-history” books. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t *think* about history while reading. While several sections caught my eye about … Continue reading

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A Vignette: General R. E. Lee, Wine, Whiskey . . . and Buttermilk?!

It may sound odd, but laughter is an essential element in the military. Of course, during the Civil War just like now, there existed various senses of humor. Some senior officers were definitely known for being grumpy pants while others … Continue reading

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A Crabby Inmate Recalled at Point Lookout

Perusing prison camp literature recently, I came across an amusing story written by Thad J. Walker of the 2nd Maryland Cavalry.  An inmate at Point Lookout – a Union-run prisoner of war camp – Walker recorded a comrade’s first encounter … Continue reading

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“Gentlemen, I am going on the train with all the soldiers, but my schedule says it’s time for you to take a leave of absence. And I got a notice from the Board of Occupational Safety Hardship Advancement (OSHA) and … Continue reading

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The Civil War Versions of “NUTS”!

Welcome back, JoAnna M. McDonald History does not quite repeat itself in the literal sense, but it does rhyme.   For example, cheeky responses to surrender demands are apparently a tradition in American military history (and in military history in general).  … Continue reading

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Returns To The General Store

Late one evening two researchers – who may or may not have stumbled upon a strong drink concoction – opened a dusty box deep in an archival basement. They thought they found a security tape from a department store and … Continue reading

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Cellphones At Gettysburg

Researcher S.K.B. recently discovered an account from the Gettysburg campaign. It’s suspected that this document had been hidden to preserve the dignity of certain commanders and disguise the real reason the Confederates lost the Battle of Gettysburg. Reproduced for the … Continue reading

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