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“From Son & Brother, The Soldier Boy”: Crossing The James River, Heading For Petersburg

In June 1864, the armies gathered at Petersburg, Virginia. For campaign or battle anniversaries, I enjoy finding primary sources or battle reports that I haven’t seen or explore before. Last night—while procrastinating on my current events and Civil War history … Continue reading

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Railroads – Riding the Rails: Union Soldiers Experience Train Transport in the Civil War

As Leander Stillwell was penning his Civil War reminiscences in the nineteen-tens, the Mexican Revolution was raging across the border. It was a time of heightened tension in the American Southwest, and a recent stir regarding the shuttling of American … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/8-10/14/18

Many young men and boys under the technical enlistment age got into the Union and Confederate armies. Do you have a favorite “boy-soldier” who enlisted/served while under eighteen? Share his name and a little about his service record.  

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Rethinking What Civil War Soldiers Remembered

Recently, I spent a day at a Civil War living history event here in California. It was a welcome break from a full week of research and writing, and I certainly enjoyed visiting with friends and networking with some of … Continue reading

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Maine at War: A Conversation with Writer Brian Swartz (part three)

part three in a four-part series I’m talking this week with writer Brian Swartz about his excellent blog Maine at War. In yesterday’s segment, we talked about the connection people in Maine felt—or didn’t feel—to the war taking place so … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 5/28-6/3/18

It’s Memorial Day. We think it’s important to remember the “common soldiers” who perished during the Civil War. In your opinion, is there a particular Civil War soldier we should remember today? Tell us about him (briefly) and why this soldier … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 9/4-9/10/17

Happy Labor Day! We take a moment to think about the work of a common soldier and the camp chores or bivouac duties. If you were a Civil War era soldier, is there a chore or duty you would have … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 6/26-7/2/17

A couple weeks ago we asked if you had just one favorite historical person from the Civil War era. As our blog series continued and we read the comments, we realized that was sort of an unfair question! Today, we’ll … Continue reading

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My Favorite Historical Person: Thomas Francis Galwey

When asked the question about someone from the time period of the American Civil War that I admire most, I must admit it was daunting to pick just one individual. It would be easy to pick one a Grant, Lee, … Continue reading

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The AoP Settles into Winter Camp, 1863

As the Army of the Potomac settled into its winter quarters around Brandy Station and Culpeper in December 1863, Lt. Col. Theodore Lyman—George Gordon Meade’s aide-de-camp—toured the camps with the Army of the Potomac’s chief of staff, Andrew A. Humphreys. … Continue reading

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