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Unpublished: Diary of a Louisiana Conscript

Extraordinary things can come bound in brown leather with tiny, cramped writing. In search of some family history, I took a trip to Tulane University’s Special Collections Archives in New Orleans. It was a trip for firsts. It was not … Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Remembering “The Private Soldier”

This Memorial Day is an excellent time to reflect on the common soldiers and make sure they are not forgotten. Some combat fallen soldiers or veterans have their names or initials inscribed in stone. Others are only represented by etched … Continue reading

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On The March: Introduction

For the 160th Anniversary of the American Civil War, Emerging Civil War has been creating series around historical themes that loosely tie into the anniversary happenings. This spring we are excited to kick off a new series called “On The … Continue reading

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Left Behind: Pieces of Lives & Personal Stories

Last afternoon, I stopped by the Jackson’s Flank Attack site at Chancellorsville battlefield for “coffee with the XI Corps.” As I sat under one of the trees looking east over the fields, I was thinking about the things the Union … Continue reading

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Opossum for Christmas Dinner?

Arthur J. Robinson of Company E, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers, had a unique Christmas Dinner in 1863, and in 1913 the veteran published his account in verse form. When he wrote the account, only two veterans survived from the eight … Continue reading

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The Book I Threw (And Then Picked Up Again)

The first book I ever threw across a room? The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. (Assigned reading in high school literature class.) That afternoon started a little journey of reality and history…I just didn’t know it when I … Continue reading

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A Page of Gettysburg History & Humanity’s Struggle

The Gettysburg anniversary this year was a blur to me. To be honest, I didn’t spend much time reading or thinking about the battle. Maybe it was a coping mechanism. Maybe it was some sort of subconscious distancing since I … Continue reading

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“From Son & Brother, The Soldier Boy”: Crossing The James River, Heading For Petersburg

In June 1864, the armies gathered at Petersburg, Virginia. For campaign or battle anniversaries, I enjoy finding primary sources or battle reports that I haven’t seen or explore before. Last night—while procrastinating on my current events and Civil War history … Continue reading

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Railroads – Riding the Rails: Union Soldiers Experience Train Transport in the Civil War

As Leander Stillwell was penning his Civil War reminiscences in the nineteen-tens, the Mexican Revolution was raging across the border. It was a time of heightened tension in the American Southwest, and a recent stir regarding the shuttling of American … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/8-10/14/18

Many young men and boys under the technical enlistment age got into the Union and Confederate armies. Do you have a favorite “boy-soldier” who enlisted/served while under eighteen? Share his name and a little about his service record.  

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