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CWRT Congress: It’s All About Added Value

By Mike Movius Early on, the founders of CWRT Congress realized that one of the best ways to promote and to achieve CWRT sustainability would be for the Congress to develop an attitude of providing value. But, at the time, … Continue reading

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Podcast Additional Resources: “Civil War Round Table Congress”

Excited about the information and resources discussed in the FREE Podcast last week? Emerging Civil War has been working with the Civil War Round Table Congress for several years now, and here are some extra articles from our blog archives … Continue reading

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FREE! ECW Podcast “Civil War Round Table Congress” Is Now Available

Just what is the Civil War Roundtable Congress, and how can it help Civil War groups? ECW’s Chris Mackowski talks with the Congress’s organizer, Mike Movius, to find out more. Sound exciting? We’re going to make it even better. This … Continue reading

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Civil War News’ Matthew Borowick

As part of our series with Civil War News, ECW is pleased to welcome Matthew Borowick.  Civil War round tables. They’ve been around a long time, dating back to the oldest one, The Civil War Round Table, born in 1940 … Continue reading

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