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From The ECW Archives: Voices of the Maryland Campaign

Last year ECW author Kevin Pawlak shared an impressive series which highlighted primary sources from the Maryland Campaign of 1862. Running from September 1-20, the collections gives a “boots on the ground” perspective into the campaign and Battle of Antietam. Want … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: A Field Hospital Near Manassas

We’ve been talking about the Battle of Second Manassas this week, and if you’ve been inspired to get out to that battlefield again (or for the first time), you might like to know about this nearby site! A while back … Continue reading

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From The ECW Archives – Why Do We “Forget” Second Bull Run?

Since it’s a battle anniversary day of the fights at Second Bull Run, we found a post in our archives. In 2012, Chris Mackowski shared his thoughts about why Second Manassas is often overlooked. We hope you enjoy this article … Continue reading

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From The ECW Archives: General Ewell’s Wound At Groveton

In 2015, Phill Greenwalt published research about Confederate General Richard Ewell’s injury during the Battle of Groveton, which was an opening engagement of Second Bull Run. Since it’s that battle anniversary day, here is a re-run of that original blog … Continue reading

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From The ECW Archives – Stephen D. Lee

We were poking around in the ECW Archives and came across this fascinating article by Phill Greenwalt in 2012! Since we’ve welcomed many new fans in the last six years, we thought it might be nice to re-share this post … Continue reading

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Artillery: Last Stand at Sailor’s Creek

During the Appomattox Campaign, some Confederate heavy artillery battalions fought as infantry since they didn’t have their big guns. This article from the ECW Archives shares details of their last stand and final moments. Written by Lee White and first … Continue reading

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Artillery: “When A Shell Came Shrieking Over…”

From the ECW Archives, here is Chris Mackowski’s short article and featured primary source about the effects of artillery during the Chancellorsville Campaign. (It was originally published in 2016.) Effects of a Shell

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Artillery: Inventing Shrapnel

Ever wondered how the deadly artillery projectiles were developed? In this post from the Emerging Civil War Archives, Phill Greenwalt dives into history before the Civil War to explore shrapnel and its inventor. Henry Shrapnel – “The Modern Archimedes”

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Artillery: Off The Beaten Path At Gettysburg

We looked through the ECW archives for some more artillery articles and found this one by Kristopher White from 2015. If you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg soon or interested in the Gettysburg history, it’s the perfect one to read. … Continue reading

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Flag Day: Poetry From The Archives

It’s June 14! Flag Day. A day to remember when the Continental Congress adopted the design of the American Flag on June 14, 1777. Although Flag Day wasn’t widely recognized as a commemorative day until after the Civil War, the … Continue reading

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