CW & Pop Culture: College Football

It’s Game Day! And Chris Kolakowski wrote a post in 2014 about college football and Civil War ties. Since we’re talking about ties between history and pop-culture, this seems like the perfect day to feature a re-run:

As another college football Saturday passes, I cannot help but be struck by the various Civil War connections that can be found on today’s gridiron.

Like any deep-rooted regional organization, colleges and universities are an expression of each state and reflect the values and heritage of their respective areas. In some states, rooting for the local university is also a way to show state pride (Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Oregon all are examples) or regional pride (Louisville, Cincinnati, Pitt, UCLA, Miami, and Auburn). Given this background, it is only natural that the Civil War would find a place in college football. Read the complete post here…

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  1. Putting a thought out there: My husband and I were eating at a sports bar and they had a football game playing on ALL the televisions. While neither of us are a fan of the sport, it got me to thinking how interesting it would be to do a sort of play-by-play of a Civil War battle, but with the commentary style of a sports announcer. Might be an interesting twist on historical interpretation.

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