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Forts: Fury at Fort Harrison

General Grant needed a good idea… To his utter astonishment Ben Butler had one! During July and August of 1864 Ulysses S. Grant was trying to find a way to either get Robert E. Lee out of his fortifications that … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “Seemed to Forget that He Was an Officer, and Gave No Commands Whatever”

When the 6th Pennsylvania Reserves formed in the spring of 1861, its men and officers elected William W. Ricketts as its colonel. The 24-year-old was a solid choice; he had attended West Point and though he hadn’t graduated, opting for … Continue reading

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I fits mit Sigel – New Market, May 15, 1864

There are certain figures in Civil War history who are always good for an easy laugh. Braxton Bragg, on harmonious leadership. George McClellan, concerning rapid movement. Franz Sigel. On, well, most anything.

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It Pays to Re-Read the OR

Long ago I learned from my late friend Albert Castel that it pays to re-read the Official Records when you’re writing about the war. Every now and then I chance upon something that drives home that lesson. A recent reminder came … Continue reading

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The Battles for High Bridge April 6-7, 1865

After leaving Amelia Court House, Gen. Robert E. Lee headed his columns west in the hopes of putting some distance between himself and the pursuing Union armies under Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Lee knew that his worn out and … Continue reading

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