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Fallen Leaders: Ulric Dahlgren

ECW welcomes guest author Brian D. Kowell The young amputee was still unaccustomed to his new wooden leg on February 18, 1864, as the train pulled into Brandy Station, a stop on the Orange & Alexandria railroad in Virginia just west … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Conclusion

It’s started off as a short blog series to pair with the 2021 ECW Symposium theme, but it turned into a multi-week collection of articles about Fallen Leaders. Tonight, we’re wrapping up the “official” series and here’s a list of … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Admiral Andrew H. Foote – Another Farragut?

February 6, 1862, midday: Advance cavalry elements of Brig. Gen. U. S. Grant’s 17,000-man force broke from the woods fronting the Confederate fort they intended to attack and were startled to observe the Stars and Stripes flying from the flagpole. … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: George Custer and the Question of Leadership

Over the past month, we have read many stories about fallen leaders of the American Civil War. We have mostly looked at those who have lost their lives in the midst of battle or its aftermath. However, a sometimes-forgotten fallen … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: What About The Women?

I’ve been trying to think of a different angle of “Fallen Leaders”: the context of women’s studies. While many women made great sacrifices and endured significant hardship of social “falls” due to the war, I wanted to keep a literal … Continue reading

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Civil War Fallen Leaders: Major General Henry Halleck

Some of you might be bumfuzzled as to why General Halleck is included in this series. After all, he did not die in the war–but his reputation certainly did! I have done the same things many of you have done–seen … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: General Richard B. Garnett

Tuesday, May 12, 1863. The location: Richmond, Virginia. The bells tolled, the military bands played dirges, and uniforms and civilian attire displayed mourning badges. The casket of Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson was drawn through the streets to Capitol Square … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 8/16-8/22/21

In your opinion, which Fallen Leader of the Civil War has the best tombstone or graveside monument? Why?

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Fallen Leaders: Lewis Addison Armistead and the Armistead Family Cemetery

This post rides off the research and coattails of Tom McMillan’s newest book, Armistead and Hancock: Behind the Gettysburg Legend of Two Friends at the Turning Point of the Civil War. Tom’s book, which I picked up in Gettysburg during … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Col. Hiram Brown of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

In 1853, Hiram L. Brown was a running a successful hotel in Erie, Pennsylvania, and was captain of the Wayne Guards militia. When war broke out, he joined the 90-day Erie Regiment as the captain of Company B. The regiment … Continue reading

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