Fallen Leaders: Conclusion

It’s started off as a short blog series to pair with the 2021 ECW Symposium theme, but it turned into a multi-week collection of articles about Fallen Leaders. Tonight, we’re wrapping up the “official” series and here’s a list of all the blog posts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll never revisit this topic. In fact, there might be a few more posts along the subject theme in the next few weeks and bigger news in the future. Stay tuned!


Major Andrew Grover, 76th New York

The Death of “Uncle John”

Colonel Isaac Seymour, 6th Louisiana Infantry, Part 1

Colonel Isaac Seymour, 6th Louisiana Infantry, Part 2

Generals’ Deaths

General Max Weber at Antietam

Question of the Week: 8/9-8/15/21

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Part 1

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Part 2

General Barnard Elliott Bee

Joshua Chamberlain lost “the gleam of white light”

Col. Hiram Brown of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Lewis Addison Armistead and the Armistead Family Cemetery

Question of the Week: 8/16-8/22/21

General Richard B. Garnett

Major General Henry Halleck

What About The Women?

What Makes A Fallen Leader? (George A. Custer)

Earl Van Dorn’s Final Obscurity

Admiral Andrew H. Foote – Another Farragut?

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  1. Two that need to be considered from the Union side who had they lived may have had a major impact on the campaigns that they were involved in when they were no longer with us. Jesse Reno (Antietam) and Frederick Lander (Shenandoah Valley).

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