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“The Irish spirit for the war is dead:” The Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg and the Battle’s Impact on New York’s Irish-American Community

ECW welcomes back guest author Abbi Smithmyer Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Fredericksburg Battlefield. As they walk along the sunken road, stand behind the stonewall, gaze into the windows of the Innis House, and walk through the … Continue reading

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Battlefield Absolution: Father William Corby

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Michael Aubrecht In times of war, spirituality often counters tragic and catastrophic experiences. Many soldiers pray for both physical and spiritual healing as well as forgiveness for the actions they commit in the name of … Continue reading

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The Absolution at Gettysburg

Today we welcome guest author Peter M Preble. Father Preble is a 2004 graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology where he concentrated on Church History. Since his graduation he has continued his research concentrating on the role … Continue reading

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