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A Poet’s Perspective: Melville and The Stone Fleet

I have a feeling for those ships,  Each worn and ancient one, With great bluff bows, and broad in the beam;  Ay, it was unkindly done.      But so they serve the Obsolete—      Even so, Stone Fleet! It was apparent from … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 11/14-11/20/16

Was the Union blockage of the South legal? Was it effective in the tactical objective of stopping commerce? Did it achieve the strategic goal of significantly reducing Confederate resources, morale, and military capability, and thereby facilitating victory?  

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“I could not answer for what might happen.” Part I

The Civil War was an intense international concern from the beginning. The neutrality—or lack thereof—by foreign powers was a decisive element in a conflict that might have spread beyond American shores. Both sides warred on enemy commerce; both American navies … Continue reading

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