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“The Hand of a Master”: Confederate Artillery on the Left Flank at Antietam

By sunrise on September 17, 1862, the Confederate guns waited on the left flank. Ordered to guard “Stonewall” Jackson’s flank and use the high ground advantage to blast Union attackers, the assembled cannons and crews prepared for battle. General J. … Continue reading

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Promotion Day?

August 17 – and guess what? Three very (or moderately) famous Civil War officers got promoted on this day, but in different years. Now you’ve got history trivia for the weekend:

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Richmond Reports on General Stuart’s Ride Around McClellan

One of our editors was poking around Newspapers.com the other evening and stumbled across announcements of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart’s famous (or infamous) ride around McClelland during the Peninsula Campaign. Occurring between June 12 and 15, 1862, the ride gathered … Continue reading

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Friendly Rivalries at the Brandy Station Grand Review

Rivalries between military branches are well-known (Army vs. Navy, anyone?). Throughout the Civil War, jabs between infantrymen and cavalrymen of the same armies can be found in letters, diaries, and postwar accounts of soldiers. On June 8, 1863, at the … Continue reading

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When Stonewall Said “No”

At the beginning of 1863, James Keith Boswell – Chief of Engineers for the Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia – had a dilemma. He was desperately in love, but didn’t know if his sweetheart really loved him. He absolutely … Continue reading

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My Favorite Historical Person: Antonia Ford

The art of spying is as old as war itself, or so it has been said. While many people when asked who is their favorite figure from the Civil War would immediately think of generals and politicians, I tend to … Continue reading

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Passing of A Cavalier: The Death of J.E.B. Stuart

For two years James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart was a thorn in the side of Federal armies in Virginia. His rise to prominence and fame began in the spring of 1862 when he led Confederate cavalry on a march around … Continue reading

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Unwritten History: Who Shot J.E.B. Stuart?

Yellow Tavern is an engagement that continues to interest me. Although much of the battlefield has been obliterated by modern development, traces of it still remain and like many other battles, so do unanswered questions. The regimental alignment of Brig. … Continue reading

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Impressed with Coming Disaster: Alsop’s Field at Chancellorsville

On May 9, 1864, Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick, commanding the VI Corps in the Army of the Potomac, was killed at Spotsylvania Court House. Visitors to the battlefield can walk from the Exhibit Shelter to a monument that stands on … Continue reading

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“Generally Tore Things Up”: George Custer Visits Beaver Dam Station

Early last month, my wife and I visited my sister and brother-in-law and our new niece in Richmond. On the drive south, we decided to visit Beaver Dam Station, a wartime stop on the Virginia Central Railroad. During the Overland … Continue reading

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