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A Forgotten Fort: Fort Tejon in Lebec, CA

A calm, crisp mountain breeze blew down from the Tehachapi Mountains into La Cañada de las Uvas (Grapevine Canyon). Major Jonathan Letterman, stationed here since December 1859, removed his hat, and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Keedysville, Maryland

I’d spent the day driving and researching at three different libraries. By the time the late sunset hour approached, I needed to get out-of-doors, but I didn’t really feel like going battlefielding that evening. Then, I remembered Keedysville… It’s a … Continue reading

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Symposium Takeaway: Meg Thompson

There are many reasons to travel 3,000 miles, including being part of the Emerging Civil War’s Second Symposium. It is wonderful to put faces to names, and to see friends I have not seen for a year. I presented again … Continue reading

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“May the force be with you, Doctor Letterman.”

Into the lives of most grad students a thesis shall fall. Into my life it has, indeed. A thesis is not a biography. Instead one picks a topic of interest, asks some pointed questions about it, and then researches the … Continue reading

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For Want of Safe Evacuation

While working on my thesis recently, I was reading Medical Recollections of the Army of the Potomac by Dr. Letterman. He offered a brief note about the wounding of Stonewall Jackson at the battle of Chancellorsville:

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Symposium Preview: Meg Thompson and “The Legacy of Caring”

Emerging Civil War will hold its second symposium August 7-9 at Stevenson Ridge.  In honor of the event, six guest speakers are scheduled to address topics relating to this year’s theme, “Civil War Legacies.” One person bringing her spunky personality … Continue reading

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