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Lew Wallace Secures the B&O– For the First Time (Pt. 1)

Lew Wallace, the Hoosier lawyer-turned soldier, readied his command for its move. His objective was a vital connection of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad whose trains were badly needed to transport material and manpower. Wallace wrote later, “The need of … Continue reading

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Seven Pines and Seven Days: Robert E. Lee Replaces “Old Joe” Johnston (part one)

(Part one of three) Late May 1862. General George B. McClellan’s massive Army of the Potomac stood at the very gates of Richmond. There had never been an army like this in North America before. McClellan had more than 100,000 … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: Battle of Molino del Rey

Winfield Scott’s armistice had failed. His dual victories at Contreras and Churubusco on August 19-20 brought the American army within a hand’s reach of Mexico City, but then Scott stopped. By August 24, Scott and Mexican president Antonio Lopez de … Continue reading

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Lost Battlefields: Seven Pines, Part 1

In a series of articles author Doug Crenshaw will explore some of the battlefields in central Virginia that appear to be lost forever to development. In today’s installment, Doug looks at the Battlefield of Seven Pines.  I hear it all too often: … Continue reading

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On Location: The Site of Leonidas Polk’s Death

On June 14, 1864, Confederate Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk was inspecting Federal movements from atop Pine Mountain when Federal artillery opened fire on him. I went On Location, on the anniversary of Polk’s death, to the spot where he was … Continue reading

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On Location: The Wounding of Joe Johnston

Back in January, ECW contributor Doug Crenshaw did some research for us on the location of Joe Johnston’s wounding at the battle of Seven Pines. While visiting the Richmond-area battlefields with him earlier this month, we decided to go On Location at … Continue reading

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Delaying the Army of the Tennessee: Evander Law and the Battle of Bentonville

We are now in the middle of the 152nd Anniversary of the Battle of Bentonville, fought from March 19 to March 21, 1865. During the three day battle, Confederate forces under Gen. Joseph Johnston engaged Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s … Continue reading

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The Pageantry of the Advance…Army of Tennessee at Bentonville

Starting yesterday, the 152nd Anniversary of the Battle of Bentonville began. Fought over three days in late March, 1865, the battle was the last-ditch effort by Gen. Joseph Johnston to stop Union General William T. Sherman’s army group as it … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: Vera Cruz Landings

Cannon pointed out of their gun ports, aimed at the walled city in the distance. With commands to fire, the naval ordnance roared to life and the guns recoiled, pulling their holding ropes taught. Dirty white smoke fluttered across the … Continue reading

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Recollections of Confederate Officers for The News

Today we are pleased to welcome back guest author, Joe Owen. Joe has provided an account from Sergeant Val Giles of the 4th Texas Infantry. It was originally published in The Galveston Daily News on May 16, 1897.

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