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Recruiting the Regiment: The 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry

Eight days after the rebel bombardment of Fort Sumter, Daniel White, a resident of Bangor, Maine, wrote a letter to his governor. “I have the honor to inform you that at a meeting of the Ex-Tiger & Armory Associates,” White … Continue reading

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Of Dawn & Dusk, Beginnings & Endings

Wait for it. Dawn creeps along the horizon. The coming day is foretold with growing light, long before the sun’s disk crests the horizon. Like a saga of history – an event long looming on time’s horizon, then bursting suddenly … Continue reading

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Of “Promotion,” Camp, Gossip, & Flirtation in August 1863

In late August 1863 – after returning from medical leave and a visit home – Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain wrote a letter to his wife Fanny, giving a glimpse of the “quiet days” of war. The moments at Gettysburg created only … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Gettysburg vs. Petersburg

A veteran Union general reflected on battlefield landscapes, markers, and monuments several decades after the war during a visit to Petersburg, Virginia. There is a peculiar impressiveness about the forsaken. Some deep places in us are moved by a forlorn … Continue reading

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Help Save a Gettysburg Campaign Site!

Gettysburg and Joshua L. Chamberlain are synonymous. From well-studied to first-time visitors, practically everyone knows of Little Round Top and the 20th Maine Infantry. The regiment, part of Col. Strong Vincent’s brigade, was not only a veteran unit, but it … Continue reading

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“Something Abides”: Joshua L. Chamberlain and Civil War Memory

As it was for millions of his generation, the Civil War was the defining event of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s life.  Veterans from both sides took understandable pride in their service, wrote their memoirs, and joined veterans’ organizations.  In all of … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: “On Great Fields, Something Stays” – My Time on Cemetery Ridge

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author (and photographer!) Kristen M. Trout On a warm, beautiful evening in September 2013, I stood on Cemetery Ridge, gazing at the glowing orange sunset over South Mountain. Seminary Ridge, the main position of the … Continue reading

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Veterans: You Were Making History…We Thank You

Emerging Civil War extends a sincere “thank you” to military veterans for their service. You have or are currently defending freedom and justice. You keep America safe. We honor your commitment to keeping the Stars and Stripes flying. Thank you! … Continue reading

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“We went and staid too”

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Mike Block “Skirmishers play a most important part, whose importance is every day increasing with the improvements in small arms. They are employed in large bodies to attack a post or … Continue reading

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Presentations From the 2014 Emerging Civil War Symposium-Eric J. Wittenberg

As we gear up for this years Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, we wanted to share this presentation from last years ECW Symposium. As you may recall, we were honored to have C-SPAN cover our first major symposium. Below is … Continue reading

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