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ECW Weekender: The 160th Anniversary at Manassas National Battlefield

Manassas National Battlefield has a full schedule of events to commemorate and educate about the first major battle of the Civil War. This weekend—July 17-18, 2021—and on the actual anniversary—July 21—you’ll find plenty to see, do, and explore…if you’re willing … Continue reading

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Manassas: Moment of Truth

The heat bore down oppressively. Not the soaring temperatures I’d known in California, but rather a choking, wet warmth that signaled I had come back to the land of war. That was one of the first things I noticed, stepping … Continue reading

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Limb Pit at Manassas National Battlefield Continues to Show the Horrors of Civil War Medicine

After over 150 years, the Civil War is still one of the mostly widely studied historical moments in history with new discoveries continuously being made. Recently one of these extraordinary finds took place while workers were digging at a construction … Continue reading

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