ECW Weekender: The 160th Anniversary at Manassas National Battlefield

Manassas National Battlefield has a full schedule of events to commemorate and educate about the first major battle of the Civil War. This weekend—July 17-18, 2021—and on the actual anniversary—July 21—you’ll find plenty to see, do, and explore…if you’re willing to brave the summer heat. From ranger-led hikes to artillery and rifle demonstrations, presentations on preservation and patriotic music, there’s something happening almost every hour from sunrise until early evening!

If you’re not able to attend in person, Manassas National Battlefield has announced that they will be posting regularly on their social media to cover the different events.

Check out the full schedule here or follow along with the social media links which are also posted on the page:

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2 Responses to ECW Weekender: The 160th Anniversary at Manassas National Battlefield

  1. Meg Groeling says:

    Now THIS is how to honor a battle! No phony battle, just good history provided by good historians. Apparently there will be encampments, but those will be focused on interpretative history as well. This needs to become the norm–Huzzah!

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