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Sugar Kettle Art

In my many travels to New Orleans, I noticed a peculiar trend in the gardening and landscaping of historic homes. Giant iron kettles or cauldrons were used as fountains or humungous flowerpots. I didn’t think anything of them at first, … Continue reading

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Robin Hood & The Civil War: A Strange Juxtaposition (Part 1)

This summer I watched Robin Hood (2006-2009 from BBC), and I liked it so much that I watched all three seasons. Twice. ECW is not the place to review my favorite TV shows, so why on earth am I mentioning … Continue reading

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History vs. Memory: Statues of Stonewall Offer a Lesson

Do we erase history when we take down a statue? That’s a question at the core of recent debate concerning Confederate monuments. Personally, I’m not convinced we do, but I do know we erase memory. However, the distinction between “memory” … Continue reading

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