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Unpublished: What’s Not in the O.R.s?

As Walt Whitman famously said, “The real war will never get in the books.” When I think if “unpublished sources,” I start wondering broadly about what never made it into print. As this series has demonstrated, there’s a ton of … Continue reading

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The ORs and the Growth of Bureaucracy

Dan Welch’s post yesterday about the history of the Official Records reminded me of an observation I made a few weeks ago while reshuffling my books. The ORs embody the evolution of record-keeping over the course of the war (or, … Continue reading

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Primary Sources: The Official Records

The most important collection of primary sources arguably is the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. This massive collection of after-action reports and correspondence, both from army and naval actions and campaigns, are universally known and used in … Continue reading

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July 1, 1884: Grant’s “New Disaster of Shiloh”

On July 1, 1884, editors of Century Magazine received a much-anticipated envelope from former president Ulysses S. Grant. Grant had agreed to write four articles for the magazine about his wartime experiences, which would kick off an upcoming series of … Continue reading

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It Pays to Re-Read the OR

Long ago I learned from my late friend Albert Castel that it pays to re-read the Official Records when you’re writing about the war. Every now and then I chance upon something that drives home that lesson. A recent reminder came … Continue reading

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