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Mapping the Philippi Battlefield

Jon-Erik Gilot did a fantastic job at the 2019 Emerging Civil War Symposium filling in on short notice to give a talk on the battle of Philippi, see the video here. With limited time to produce another map, I’m grateful … Continue reading

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ECW on C-SPAN 3: Philippi

The “Forgotten Battle” of Philippi comes to the airwaves this weekend, straight from the Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, courtesy of our good friends at C-SPAN. Jon-Erik Gilot’s “Battle of Philippi” talk debuts on C-SPAN 3 … Continue reading

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“The Dreadful Responsibility”: Why George B. McClellan Was the Go-To Guy (part one)

ECW welcomes back Jon-Erik Gilot (part one of two) I’ve long been fascinated with the early days, weeks, and months of the Civil War. The optimism and unbounded confidence displayed on both sides of the conflict during the spring and … Continue reading

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