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Civil War Cooking: Pumpkin Pie — From Field to Table

Take a pumpkin, make a pie. Mrs. Lydia Child’s explains how this was done in the mid-19th Century in her book The Frugal Housewife: For common family pumpkin pies, three eggs do very well to a quart of milk. Stew … Continue reading

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ECW Archives: A Slice (or Two) of Pie

Happy Pi Day! Hey, we know it’s for the number Pi (3.14 which goes on and on and on), but here’s a fun article from the Civil War Cookin’ series in our archive:

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Stolen Pie, but a Bigger Prize for Sergeant Young at Petersburg

Today is the favorite holiday for math teachers. March Fourteenth (3-14) represents the first three numbers in the mathematical constant pi. I’ve been using pi (3.14159…) a lot more than I had anticipated as a historian. Each time I rescale … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’: Jefferson Davis Pie

Wednesday before Thanksgiving is always pie baking day at my house. When I open our 1952 edition of Irma Rombauer’s Joy of Cooking and turn to the pumpkin pie recipe, another recipe title catches my eye: Jefferson Davis Pie. I … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’: Don’t You Want Some Pie?

Why would a hungry soldier refuse a slice of home-made pie after miles of marching on a dusty road? That was the mystery for one lady in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania when the Rebel soldiers appeared in town on June 26, 1863.

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