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Exchanging a Saber for a Cane: The Case of Colonel Charles Augustus May

In 1861, over 250 U.S. Army officers resigned their commissions. The majority joined the rebellion, while a few remained loyal to the Union. Nineteen officers (seven percent) didn’t serve on either side. The choice was not so simple for these … Continue reading

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“A Tremendous Little Man” – Newton Schleich in the Civil War

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Jon-Erik Gilot Generally speaking, political generals during the Civil War were a mixed bag. Some would thrive in the military hierarchy while others could make life hard on their superiors as well as … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 1/30-2/5/17

On January 31, 1862, General “Stonewall” Jackson signed a letter requesting to return to Virginia Military Institute or offering to submit his resignation. The message was prompted by orders for Jackson to return a complaining subordinate to the headquarters city, … Continue reading

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