Question of the Week: 1/30-2/5/17

Question-HeaderOn January 31, 1862, General “Stonewall” Jackson signed a letter requesting to return to Virginia Military Institute or offering to submit his resignation. The message was prompted by orders for Jackson to return a complaining subordinate to the headquarters city, and the commanding general did not want interference with his original orders.

What would’ve happened if Jackson had returned to VMI or resigned altogether? Who might have been his replacement in the Valley District?

5 Responses to Question of the Week: 1/30-2/5/17

  1. Ewell was appointed major general on January 24, 1862, and sent to the Valley District. This was a week before Jackson’s resignation letter, so Ewell would have been the logical choice.

  2. Ewell may have replaced Jackson, but it is doubtful if he would have been able to pull off the military miracles that Jackson did in the Valley. If Ewell could have done it, Jackson would have been an interesting footnote as the commander of the VMI cadets at New Market.

  3. These are interesting speculations, and I agree with many of them. Truth be told, there was no way the Confederate high command was going to let one of its only bonafide national heroes resign in a snit.

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