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Unpublished: The Pension Files: Unveiling the Humanity of the Civil War Soldier

ECW welcomes back guest author Douglas Ullman, Jr. As the North reeled from McClellan’s reverse in the Seven Days’ battles in July 1862, the United States Congress signed into a law an act that would have far reaching impacts for … Continue reading

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A Lost Opportunity: Glendale

In late June 1862, Robert E. Lee Struck George McClellan’s right flank at Mechanicsville. This attack, plus reports that Stonewall Jackson’s valley army was approaching on his right, caused McClellan to change his base from White House Landing on the … Continue reading

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Seven Pines and Seven Days: Robert E. Lee Replaces “Old Joe” Johnston (part three)

(part three of three) On the morning of June 29, Robert E. Lee was faced with an opportunity few commanders ever have. His enemy, with 100,000 men, hundreds of guns, and thousands of wagons, was retreating across his front. McClellan … Continue reading

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Seven Pines and Seven Days: Robert E. Lee Replaces “Old Joe” Johnston (part two)

(part two of three) Robert E. Lee’s first actions as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia were to instill discipline and to construct earthworks around the city. He was quickly derided for this in the press and in the … Continue reading

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Lost Opportunities in the Army of the Potomac—A Pair of Examples

Army management is a complicated skill in which the personality and temperament of commanders influence the inner workings and culture of the organization. The Union had no army which was as political, and influenced by outside politics, as its primary … Continue reading

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ECW Digital Shorts: The Long Encampment at Seven Pines by Robert Dunkerly

The latest Emerging Civil War Digital Short is now available in the wake of the anniversary of the Battle of Fair Oaks/Seven Pines. The Long Encampment at Seven Pines, June 2-28, 1862 by Robert M. Dunkerly tells the story of … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Richmond Shall Not Be Given Up: The Seven Days’ Battles by Doug Crenshaw

Last year, we concentrated on getting some Emerging Civil War Series books in the works on the Western Theater. The result: titles on Atlanta and Chattanooga, with titles on Shiloh and Franklin later this year. We have Vicksburg in the … Continue reading

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A Day with the Seven Days

This past week, I had the distinct treat of spending a day on the Seven Days battlefields with Doug Crenshaw, author of the upcoming Emerging Civil War Series title Richmond Shall Not Be Given Up! The Seven Days Battles (look for it … Continue reading

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“General Magruder, why did you attack?”

Today, we’re pleased to welcome guest author Doug Crenshaw. Doug, a volunteer with Richmond National Battlefield, is at work on books for the Emerging Civil War Series about the Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days’ Battles. On July 1, 1862, … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: “America’s Fiery Trial” Symposium

This weekend marks the second annual Civil War symposium at the Victoria Read Public Library, in Flushing, Ohio. For the past two years event coordinator Roger Micker has put together a great lineup of speakers. Last years event paid tribute … Continue reading

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