ECW Digital Shorts: The Long Encampment at Seven Pines by Robert Dunkerly

The latest Emerging Civil War Digital Short is now available in the wake of the anniversary of the Battle of Fair Oaks/Seven Pines. The Long Encampment at Seven Pines, June 2-28, 1862 by Robert M. Dunkerly tells the story of the Army of the Potomac’s stay on the Seven Pines battlefield following their victory there in 1862. For the first time, an American army had to camp among its own dead.

“There are very few instances where armies camped on the site of a major battle for a long period afterward,” Dunkerly explained. “As I read accounts of the aftermath at Seven Pines, the other thing that struck me was that Seven Pines was the first major battle for many of the participants. The combat, and its horrible aftermath, were all new and foreign experiences for these men. I hope to draw attention to this fascinating, and lesser-known part of the story.”

Series Editor Edward Alexander said the overlooked components of the story fascinated him him. “I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about what had happened to a ‘lost battlefield’ so close to home,” he added.

Alexander used the opportunity to give the Digital Shorts Series an overhaul thanks to new technological opportunities offered by Amazon. “I enjoyed the challenges of tinkering around with the InDesign software and Kindle publisher to revamp our Digital Shorts into a product that maintains the attractive appearance associated with the Emerging Civil War brand,” he said.

The Long Encampment at Seven Pines, available for Kindle at only $2.99, is the fourth release in the Emerging Civil War Digital Shorts Series, edited by Edward S. Alexander. Other titles in the series:


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