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Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part six)

conclusion of a series We wrap up our series with Licensed Battlefield Guide Sue Boardman today on the backside of the Pennsylvania Memorial, where we tried to find what shelter we could from the wind that bedeviled us all day. … Continue reading

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The Effects of Pepper

Today is Stonewall Jackson’s birthday. He would be 197 years old were he still with us. My daughter, when she was young, was a huge Stonewall Jackson groupie. She could roll off information about him the way a serious baseball … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from Stonewall Steph

The year she was six (um, twenty-one years ago…), my daughter decided she wanted to dress up like her hero for Halloween. And so, Stephanie became Stonewall Jackson! Her mother made Steph a Stonewall Jackson costume from scratch. She didn’t … Continue reading

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Stephwall and Sophie

When my ECW colleagues and I discussed commemorating Women’s History Month by writing about some of the women who’ve inspired us in our historical careers, my mind immediately jumped to my daughter, Stephanie. Long-time followers of the blog are familiar … Continue reading

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A Visit with Stonewall Jackson on his Birthday

It’s 21 degrees in Lexington, Virginia—a cold morning for a cemetery visit. It’s Stonewall Jackson‘s birthday, though, and I’m passing through town on my way to St. Louis, Missouri, for a talk later this week. (I’ll pass through Lexington, KY, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stonewall (sort of)

Happy 155th birthday to Stonewall Jackson, who was born on this day in 1861. Of course, Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). But it was on this day 155 years ago … Continue reading

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The Story of Stephwall

As Emerging Civil War continues its coverage of the 150th anniversary of Chancellorsville and the death of Stonewall Jackson, we’re pleased to bring you a guest post from Stonewall devotee Steph Mackowski.  As a four year old who had just … Continue reading

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Middle Child and Second Fiddle: The Sad Fate of Second Manassas

Try as I might, I can’t persuade my daughter to explore anything to do with Second Manassas. It’s July 29, 2000. Steph is six but already the veteran of several battlefielding campaigns, and she’s particularly a fan of First Manassas … Continue reading

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