Happy Halloween from Stonewall Steph

“Stephwall” Mackowski

The year she was six (um, twenty-one years ago…), my daughter decided she wanted to dress up like her hero for Halloween. And so, Stephanie became Stonewall Jackson!

Her mother made Steph a Stonewall Jackson costume from scratch. She didn’t own a blue kepi and so had to go with the gray one she already owned. As you’ll see after the page break, she even came with her own lemon!

For this year’s holiday, I thought I’d share with you a look at her outfit.

Happy Halloween!

You can read more about Steph’s lifelong fascination with Stonewall Jackson in her own words.

6 Responses to Happy Halloween from Stonewall Steph

  1. He’ll ya,u should be able to dress up as whoever or whatever u want,I love it and Stonewall Jackson was a great man!

  2. I love it. Nothing like family to make your heart sing. Even pics that are 21 years old can make you smile.

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