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ECWS Preview: Stones River and Force of a Cyclone

We’re prepping the release of a few new titles in the Emerging Civil War Series later this year. We’re excited, and we wanted to share some of that excitement with you by sharing a look at some of the book … Continue reading

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Western Swing: Day 04

Next stop on our swing through Tennessee: a visit to Stones River National Battlefield. This was a special treat for me because I finally had the chance to spend some time in the field with legendary NPW historian Jim Lewis. … Continue reading

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“At Liberty Gap . . . Every Man is a Hero”: The Story of an Ohio Soldier 

While I have spent many years collecting Civil War artifacts and photographs, at some point I made a conscious decision to limit the scope of my collection to only those items from a specific geographic area, namely southeastern Ohio and … Continue reading

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The Preservation “Miracle” at Stones River

It’s been a big week for the American Battlefield Trust. A few days ago, we told you about a major initiative they’re launching to preserve the core of the Gaines’s Mill and Cold Harbor battlefields. They also announced this week … Continue reading

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Three Points About Stones River

Many of our readers get the preservation mailings from the American Battlefield Trust, asking to save land at various sites. The most recent one covers the Battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro) and seeks to save some land on the Federal … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust to Save 42 Acres at Stones River

From December 31, 1862 to January 2, 1863, 24,000 men were either killed, wounded, or missing in the fields just outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. By percentage, the Battle of Stones River was war’s bloodiest. Today, this critical battle – marked … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Tennessee and Virginia Battlefields Receive Major Preservation Grants

Over the past few weeks, seven battlefields in Tennessee and Virginia received major preservation grants through national, state, and private funding programs. Between the two states, nearly $3 million is being dedicated to preserve and protect threatened land. This is … Continue reading

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McCook and the Czar

100 years ago last night, Czar Nicholas II and his family were killed by the Bolsheviks near Ekaterinburg, Russia. This was the end of the Romanov Dynasty, which had ruled Russia since 1613. The US representative to Nicholas II’s coronation … Continue reading

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Artillery: Anchoring the Line at Stones River

The Battle of Stones River (December 31, 1862 – January 2, 1863) is known as a significant moment for Federal artillery. Most accounts focus on the 57 guns overlooking McFadden’s Ford on January 2, 1863. But a cluster of Federal … Continue reading

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Chris Kolakowski: Leadership Makes the Difference on New Year’s Eve 1862

We’re two months away from the Fourth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge (Aug. 4-6). We’ve asked each of our speakers to share with us a story related to the topic they’ll be presenting as part of our … Continue reading

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