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Modern Photography: Little Details At The Entrance

While I enjoy landscape photography, my favorite images to “shoot” are detail-oriented. As I sorted through my own image archives, I tried to figure out why my travel photo files of battlefields are intermixed with pictures of barn rafters, porch flags, … Continue reading

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Interpretation vs Stewardship: A Conundrum at the Jackson Shrine

Death Day at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine—May 10—always brings out some colorful characters, which is one of the reasons I enjoy working there so much on the anniversary of Jackson’s death. This year it was no different. A fellow showed … Continue reading

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Candlelight Scenes From the Jackson Shrine

  The same clock ticks away the hours in the Jackson Shrine today as 150 years ago.  On the eve of the anniversary of Jackson’s death, candles set the scene for Jackson’s last night.

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Scenes from Guinea Station

I know we may sometimes seem a little fixated on the death of Stonewall Jackson around here. Part of that stems from the fact that so many of us work or have worked for the Park Service at the Jackson … Continue reading

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Statues of Stonewall: A Parting Shot

Final in a series To wrap up our series on Stonewall Jackson statues, let’s finish where we began, and I’ll offer you a few thoughts about this:

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The Sound of History at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine

“What do you like best about working here at the Shrine?” a colleague asks. I’m gazing through wavy panes of imperfect glass out toward the parking lot, looking for signs of visitors on this Saturday morning. It’s nearly eleven, and … Continue reading

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