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George Washington Rains & The Union Gunboats at Fort Donelson

Ted Savas shares some of his research and historic documentation! Another piece of the puzzle fell into place for me as I continue working daily on my book tentatively titled: The Other Side of the Civil War: George Washington Rains, … Continue reading

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Why I Collect Civil War Books

Like many of you, many of us at ECW are avid collectors of Civil War books. We’re pleased to share a guest post by Mark Wade that speaks to that passion so many of us share. Marks’s post also appeared … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Emerging Civil War 10th Anniversary Series

Emerging Civil War turns ten years old this summer, and as you might imagine, we’re pretty excited. As we’re fond of saying around here, “Not too bad for three idiots sitting on a porch.” (Don’t know the ECW original story? … Continue reading

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ECWS: Support Independent Publishing

As many readers know, it’s been a quiet year for the Emerging Civil War book series. We previewed a pair of upcoming titles yesterday, but for now, they join a pretty good list of titles that are currently backed up … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “Let’s Talk History Books!” Is Now Available

Books are a huge part of the culture in the Civil War community. So let’s talk books, this  week, on the Emerging Civil War podcast. Ted Savas and Sarah Keeney from Savas Beatie join Chris Mackowski to discuss favorite volumes … Continue reading

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A Conversation with John Coski (part five)

Part five of six I’m talking this week with John Coski, recipient of the 2019 Emerging Civil War Award for Service in Public History. John might be best known to the public for his work on the history of the … Continue reading

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Do We Still Care About the Civil War: Theodore P. Savas

The cover story of the newest issue of Civil War Times asks, “Do we still care about the Civil War?” ECW is pleased to partner with Civil War Times to extend the conversation here on the blog. Today, we are … Continue reading

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The Great Battle is Here

I am always excited when a box of new books shows up on my back porch. The UPS deliveryman shows up like Santa Claus and drops off the books. Somehow, he manages to do it without making the dog bark. … Continue reading

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Podcast Additional Resources: “Civil War Publishing”

Last week we released an episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast about Civil War publishing with a special discussion with Chris Mackowski, Kris White, and Ted Savas. Have you listened to it yet via Patreon? We’ve rounded up some blog posts … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “Civil War Publishing” Is Now Available

If you’re an ECW fan, we know that you love history books! And in our second podcast for October, you’ll get to hear a discussion between some of our authors and a respected publisher. Head over to our podcast platform … Continue reading

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