Year in Review 2021: #7

What if Rick Dees tried to take over our countdown and overthrow our Kasey Kasem voice? For years, they ran competing countdown shows on the radio.

That would be like having a guest author come in for the regular host, which might be fitting for 2021’s #7 slot.

Coming in as the seventh most-read post written in 2021 at ECW is a guest piece by our good friend (and Ted Savas nemesis) Mark Wade. It’s a post that resonated with a lot of readers and, we suspect, still does.

From February 14, 2021, Mark Wade offers his thoughts on a topic we all consider: “Why I Collect Civil War Books.”

Why I Collect Civil War Books

(By the way, if anyone follows Ted Savas on Facebook–and you should–you’ll understand that there’s an ongoing trash-talk contest between Ted and Mark that is great fun to follow. The two are actually great friends, so the trash talk between them is the kind of fantastic razzing only two great friends can come up with!)

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