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Memorials and Memory on a French Quarter Dog Walk

My wife and I, along with our spunky mutt Mouton (named after General Jean-Jacques-Alfred- Alexandre Mouton), spent the week before Christmas 2021 in New Orleans. My younger sister got married that week and we were sure to not miss out. … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: The 14th Brooklyn

In 1861 several states had militia systems in various states of development. State militia structures gave the opportunity to expand on an existing structure and training system, rather than create units out of whole cloth. Famous units like the 1st … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of W. Irving Hodgson

The most famed artillery unit of the American Civil War was New Orleans’ Washington Artillery. Founded in 1838, they had taken part in the Mexican-American War but did not see combat. Founded as a strictly Anglo-American outfit, by the 1850s … Continue reading

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William Freret: From Folly to War to Success

William Freret Jr. enjoyed one of the most unusual careers during the Civil War, including brief service in the Washington Artillery. He also had one of the most successful postbellum professional careers; by the time of his death, he was … Continue reading

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“Shoot and Be Damned”: Lawrence Berry at Fort Gregg

For a few early afternoon hours on April 2, 1865, three hundred Mississippi infantrymen and a pair of gun crews from the Washington Artillery of New Orleans clung to Fort Gregg as they held back two full XXIV Corps divisions. … Continue reading

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“The uproar of the damned was about us”: The Battle of Spanish Fort

The situation was grim across what was left of the Confederacy on April 8, 1865. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia was nearly cut off, and along the banks of Mobile Bay, a remnant of the Army of Tennessee faced … Continue reading

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Battle of the Cedars, 150 Years Ago

There was no rest for the weary after the slaughter at Franklin. Gen. Hood ordered most of his army to continue their pursuit of Schofield’s forces to Nashville. Along the way, on December 2, Gen. William Bate received the following … Continue reading

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You Have Killed Our Old Gen. Polk

In the aftermath of the debacle in the Hell Hole, General Sherman decided to move back to the railroad and press on. Johnston, meanwhile, moved south and east into a series of ridges and hills covered in dense forests, cut … Continue reading

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Remembering the Fallen of Resaca

Among the men to remain on Resaca Battlefield to this day is Cpl. Samuel F. Russell of the famed 5th Company Washington Artillery of New Orleans. Russell was born in 1833 in Tyler County, Virginia and working on the Mississippi on … Continue reading

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