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Book Review: A House Built by Slaves

A House Built by Slaves offers a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, as seen through the eyes – the usually-but-not-uniformly-sympathetic eyes – of black visitors to the White House. The narrative also combines accounts of these visits with accounts of the … Continue reading

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Echoes of Reconstruction: President Grant Reorganized the White House As Soon As He Took Office

ECW is pleased to welcome back Patrick Young, author of The Reconstruction Era blog Ulysses S. Grant was sworn in as president on March 4, 1869. The immensely unpopular incumbent Andrew Johnson was finally deposed. The new President’s wife Julia Dent Grant … Continue reading

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Send In The Plumbers?

Reading through James A. Scrymser’s reminiscences, I found this delightful account of when some volunteer plumbers were called to the White House in 1861. Before turning it over to the original writer, it is helpful to note that the “water-back” … Continue reading

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1860’s Politics: An ECW Weekender Trip To The First Confederate White House

Looking for a historical site to visit in Alabama that has lots of Civil War political history?

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“Remember the Ladies”

  March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the many contributions women have contributed in our country. At George Washington Birthplace National Monument, our social media policy for the month has been to highlight important women to … Continue reading

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The Lincoln Turkey Pardon–a 2011 reprint, updated!

November 26 marks another year in which a turkey receives a Presidential pardon, this time from President Obama. The 2014 turkeys (there are always two nowadays–one is an alternate in case something happens to the first) are from Ohio, and … Continue reading

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