Civil War Regiments Series

Savas Beatie LLC., in conjunction with Emerging Civil War, is excited to announce the re-launch of the highly regarded Civil War Regiments Series (CWRS). For those of you that are not familiar with original series, it ran from 1990-2000. Each issue included a variety of in-depth articles on a particular battle, campaign, military unit, etc…. The authors of the series were experts on each of their respective topics. (Click here for a list of original titles.)

The re-launched series will look to keep the old tradition of interesting topics and solid research alive. In that vein, the new look series will be overseen by a team here at Emerging Civil War. Each issue will be peer reviewed, and will offer a balanced and in-depth military approach to all theaters of the American Civil War in a lengthy and non-partisan format. Each issue will contain original maps, photos, endnotes, and indexes. 

Our management team includes:

Civil War Regiments Staff:

Publisher: Savas Beatie, LLC

Series Editor: Kristopher D. White

Assistant Editor: Ryan Quint

Review Board:

Christopher L. Kolakowski
Chris Mackowski, Ph.D.
David A. Powell
Theodore Savas
Eric J. Wittenberg

Our team is working hard on putting together the first few issues of the series,  which will cover aspects of:


The first issue of the new series is tentatively slated for publication in Spring 2016. We will have more announcements on this new venture soon.

Cover of the last CWR book title published in 2000.
Cover of the last CWR book title published in 2000.

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