Year In Review: ECW5

Year in Review-HeaderAt the 2016 Symposium, Emerging Civil War celebrated its 5th Anniversary. It was a weekend of great rejoicing and planning for future. After the members returned home, Chris Mackowski asked us to consider what made ECW special and to share our thoughts in a blog post. The results were a special “anniversary” series called “ECW 5” which ran in early autumn.

We’ve collected the articles here to celebrate again during our week of review:


Celebrating 5 Years at Emerging Civil War

ECW 5: Meg Groeling

ECW 5: Chris Kolakowski

ECW5: “Not too bad for three idiots sitting on a porch.”

ECW5: Happy 5th Anniversary, ECW

ECW5: Sarah Kay Bierle

ECW5: Dan Davis

ECW5: Bert Dunkerly

ECW5: Kris White

ECW5: Steward Henderson

Our thanks, too, to Civil War News and Hallowed Ground magazine, who both featured pieces about ECW’s 5th anniversary.

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