ECW’s April Newsletter Now Available

April 2017It’s the start of “the Civil War season”—during the war, the armies started their spring campaigns, and for students of the war today, people start visiting the battlefields in earnest. The weather is the trigger for both, of course. In this month’s Emerging Civil War newsletter, Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski offers some thoughts on the meaning of spring as seen through this lens.

This month’s newsletter, which is now available, also highlights: 

  • a slew of activity from our contributors in a lengthy “News & Notes” section
  • the new Emerging Civil War Series book from Steve Davis
  • upcoming events, including the Fourth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge

Our “10 Questions” feature this month picks the brain of Dan Welch.

Last month’s newsletter featured a photo of the arch at Vicksburg National Military Park. Can you guess where this month’s photo was taken?

4 Responses to ECW’s April Newsletter Now Available

  1. Chris:

    The photo is of Andersonville, Georgia, aka Camp Sumter, where some 16,000 Union POW’s died in one summer–1864, per testimony given at the trial of the Lincoln conspirators in May and June, 1865.

    John C. Fazio

    P.S. I give eight PowerPoint presentations on Civil War subjects. My next presentation is scheduled to given to the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable in Gahanna, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus). It is titled “The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”. If you wish to list it in the Presentations section of the Newsletter, I am OK with that.

      1. Chris:

        Thanks. I will watch for the correct identification of the cemetery. I’m sure someone will get it. It looks like a major one: Salisbury? Elmira? The reason I said Andersonville is that I have been there and that’s pretty much what it looks like: tombstones as far as the eye can see in any direction.


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