ECW Week in Review: July 24-30

We are very excited to be in the home stretch of our Fourth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium. Along with great content, we began a series of announcements centered around next weekend’s Symposium. We will continue to post them next week, so attendees should keep checking back next week and to see what our writers are up to. You may click on the hyperlinks below to read the posts.

The first of our Symposium announcements came on Thursday, July 27 and was followed up by another yesterday.

ECW’s July 2017 newsletter is now available for our readers.

Chris Mackowski shared a question from a reader regarding Civil War photography books that generated an interesting discussion on the blog. Chris also shared some pictures from his recent trip to Charleston that also brought about a lively discussion. He also began a series on the Brunswick Civil War Roundtable, the largest in the country. You may read part one here and part two here. The series will continue into next week.

Dan Davis reviewed a book on the Gettysburg Address. In preparation for the Symposium battlefield tour, he detailed the actions of a Confederate brigade commander at Brandy Station.

Dave Powell shared excerpts from a diary of a Union officer who fought at Ezra Church.

Meg Groeling detailed new research on Abraham Lincoln, Elmer Ellsworth and the Federal militia.

We also had posts from guest authors Michael Aubrecht and Eric Sterner.

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