Upcoming Presentations

17th: Chris Mackowski, “We Must Strike them a Blow: Showdown at the North Anna River,” at the Outer Banks (NC) Civil War Roundtable

17th: Phillip Greenwalt, “From ‘Old Bald Head’ to ‘Lee’s Bad Old Man': The 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, in 1864,” at the Lynchburg Civil War Sesquicentennial Banquet. (VA)

19th: Daniel T. Davis and Phillip Greenwalt Cold Harbor lecture and book signing event at the Fredericksburg Area Museum (VA)

23rd: Kristopher White at the Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Roundtable (PA)

29th: Chris Mackowski, “Simply Murder: The Battle of Fredericksburg,” 2:00 p.m. at the Manassas Museum (VA)

4th: Daniel T. Davis, Phillip Greenwalt, and Kristopher White-speaking and signing at the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor Center (PA)

16th: Chris Mackowski, “And the War Came: An Overview of the Civil War,” Study of U.S. Institutions on U.S. History and Government, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, St. Bonaventure University (NY)

2nd: Daniel Davis and Phillip Greenwalt booksigning at the Winchester Book Gallery

2nd: Chris Mackowski, booksigning and talk: “The Legend of Stonewall’s Arm,” sponsored by the Friends of the Wilderness Battlefield, 2:00 p.m. at Ellwood on the Wilderness Battlefield

11th: Edward Alexander, “The Wedge to Split the Confederacy: Breakthrough at Petersburg,” at Western North Carolina CWRT (NC)

15th-17th: First Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. (VA)
Join us for a fun filled weekend at Stevenson Ridge, which is located on the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield. The weekend includes roundtable discussions, author book signings, lectures, and tours of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Battlefields.

3rd: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Genesee Community College, Batavia (NY)

13th: Daniel Davis and Phillip Greenwalt, “Bloody Autumn: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864,” Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond (VA)

19th: Kristopher White, “Hell’s Half Acre: The Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Court House,” at the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable (PA)

20th: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” National Civil War Chaplains Museum, Liberty University, Lynchburg (VA)

21st: Chris Mackowski, “A Season of Slaughter: The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House,” Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond (VA)

5th: Phillip Greenwalt, “Where the War was Lost: The Disastrous 1862-1863 Leadership of the Army of the Tennessee,” at Civil War Round Table of Wilmington, DE.

14th: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Civil War Roundtable of New York (NYC)

25th: Chris Mackowski, “That Furious Struggle: The Battle of Chancellorsville,” Manassas (VA) Museum

16thChris Mackowski, “We Must Strike them a Blow: Showdown at the North Anna River,” Civil War Forum of Metropolitan New York (NYC)

11th: Chris Mackowski, “The Battle of the Bloody Angle,” Central Ohio Civil War Round Table (Columbus, OH)

1st: Kristopher White, “Five Forks: The Sheridan Warren Controversy,” at the Wilmington Civil War Round Table (DE)

11th:Kristopher White, “Felled by Friendly Fire: The Wounding of James Longstreet,” at the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable (Columbus, OH)

Daniel Davis, “The Rock Hurler: George Crook, the Army of West Virginia and the Battle of Fisher’s Hill,” at the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable (Columbus, OH)

Our authors are available for speaking engagements and tours. Click here to view our list of speakers and topics.  Please contact us for more information; emergingcivilwar@yahoo.com

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