Most-Read Posts of 2011!

Although we have been up and running for just a few months, we have developed a great following of readers. All of us at Emerging Civil War would like to thank everyone for helping make this endeavour a success.

With that said, some of our readers may not have been here when we launched and therefore may have missed some of our most popular posts.

Here are links to our ten most read posts of 2011:

10. History in the Making: Interpretive Responsibility and the Teaching of History as Product and Process. Authored by Ashley M. Whitehead. (Although this is the number 10 post in reads, it holds the record for the longest-titled post yet!)

9. “If Jackson hasn’t gotten shot”: Facing the Counter Factual Specter of Stonewall Jackson’s Wounding. Authored by Chris Mackowski.

8. One of the Smallest-and most Significant-Battles of the War. Authored by Chris Mackowski.

7. The Last Ironclad, One Audacious Cottonclad and Five Submarines: Shreveport’s Confederate Navy Yard. Authored by Zac Cowsert. 

6. Was Reynolds an Overrated Corps Commander? Authored by Kristopher D. White.

5. What’s a Picture Really Worth? Authored by Chris Mackowski.

4. Civil War on the frontier: An Introduction to the Trans-Mississippi. Authored by Zac Cowsert.

3. “I heard the bells on Christmas Day…” Authored by Meg Thompson.

2. The Death of “Stonewall” Jackson. Authored by Kristopher D. White.

1. Some General Thoughts on Major General George A. Custer. Authored by Daniel T. Davis.

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