A Week of Good Things

It’s been a good week for Emerging Civil War.

Meg Thompson’s post on Edwin Forbes marks our 250th post on the blog since we fired up the ol’ engine back in October. It seems like only yesterday that we started the site, cliché as that sounds. Most people wouldn’t have noticed the 250 landmark (unless someone had a lot of free time for counting!), but I’ve been keeping my eye on it as it has crept closer. I’ve been reminded of the great diversity of topics we’ve been able to cover and the great staff of writers we’ve been able to feature over the course of 250 posts. It’s really been a treat.

I had another treat tonight, too. The Col. Henry Ryerson Civil War Roundtable in Newton, N.J., was kind enough to invite me to speak to them about The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson, and it was a real delight to be there.

But imagine my surprise when Emerging Civil War reader Joe Truglio introduced himself. Joe is president of the Phil Kearny Civil War Roundtable of northern New Jersey, and he’s a frequent commenter here at ECW. He and a buddy made the trek to Newton for the presentation tonight, and it was really great to talk with them. I’m deeply grateful for the kind words they both had about the site.

Finally, I had the chance to speak to an official with the Civil War Trust this week. Two of our ECW writers, Daniel Davis and Phill Greenwalt, will be doing some work for an upcoming issue of the Trust’s magazine, Hallowed Ground, and the editor mentioned how much she was looking forward to the project.

These experiences are all great examples of why I love doing this gig. I get to work with some great historians and write and talk about a topic I love with people who share that interest. We certainly couldn’t do it without our many loyal readers–which is why I wanted to take the time to give all of you a shout-out.

Thanks for joining us for the first 250. We hope you’ll stick around for the next 250–and beyond!

2 Responses to A Week of Good Things

  1. I had no idea, but I am honored! This chance to write and research has changed my life in very positive ways, and I am proud to be a part of the effort. Huzzah! and a Tiger, of course–Remember Ellsworth!

  2. Chris
    It was our pleasure to meet you and hear your fine presentation. Looking forward to seeing/hearing you again in the near future at the Phil Kearny.
    All the best and keep up the great blog!!!

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