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At the Heart of North Anna Battlefield

The Civil War Trust announced this week an opportunity to preserve 126 acres of the North Anna Battlefield, including the key site of the historic Fox House. U.S. 1 South descends in a smooth, straight line from the north bank … Continue reading

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Lee and Guerrilla Warfare

Two days before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, a council of officers in what was left of the bedraggled Army of Northern Virginia hashed out three possible options for Robert E. Lee to consider. General John Brown Gordon, who was not … Continue reading

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The Question of Hood and the Army of Tennessee: “Far Better” or “Far Better?”

“Punctuation acts as signposts to help your reader understand how to read your writing,” I tell my students. Many of the first-year writers I teach are still coming to grips with just how important good punctuation is—and how subtle and … Continue reading

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On the Way to Franklin

A footpath parallels the road that leads to Carnton Plantation on the Franklin Battlefield. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the battle: November 30, 1864.

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The Mine Run Campaign Comes to Locust Grove

Perhaps it’s because Mine Run was, in the words of one Federal, “the great battle never fought” that so few images exist from the campaign. There was a lot of marching and moving and a fair amount of skirmishing—and participants … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’ (Sorta): George Pickett

Since we have Civil War cooking on the brain this week, I have to pose a question that’ll probably seem a little frivolous but it’s nagged at me for years: What is it with George Pickett and food? I realize … Continue reading

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JFK at Antietam

One of the things I love about revisiting a battlefield is to see what jumps out at me this time. Each visit has the opportunity to bring something new if I remain open to it. Such was the case during … Continue reading

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Confederate Monuments: “Trending”

I’m sitting in a training workshop today that’s focusing on Google tools. Sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and offered by my “home base,” the Jandoli School of Journalism at St. Bonaventure University, the workshop is covering various Google … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: The Civil War Correspondents Memorial

Near the summit of Crampton’s Gap, driving up from the west, Gapland Road makes a quick curve due east before snaking over the top of South Mountain and curling down the far side. This last little juke, right next to … Continue reading

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New Team of Researchers Helps Grant with His Memoirs

When Ulysses S. Grant wrote his memoirs, a small team of researchers helped him check facts and track down details. Now, 132 years after the release of those memoirs, a new team of fact-checkers and researchers has gone to work … Continue reading

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