Announcing our new Emerging Civil War logo!

We’re pleased to unveil our new Emerging Civil War logo.

The logo was designed by Larry Stuart, a fine art photographer and designer whose work we’ve featured here at Emerging Civil War. Larry has been a lifelong student of the Civil War, so combining his design work and his love for Civil War history was a real treat for him. We’re wicked pleased with what he came up with for us!

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10 Responses to Announcing our new Emerging Civil War logo!

  1. Meg Thompson says:

    This looks wonderful! I am hopeful that the emerging star presages even more wonderfulness to come. Huzzah, and a Tiger!

  2. Eric Hedden says:

    “Wicked pleased” ? Is there some coven that has become a part of Emerging Civil War?

  3. Amanda Warren says:

    We like it!

  4. Sharp. Like it!

  5. Robert Earl Groeling says:

    It looks solid.

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